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Rocket Punch brings the cool this summer with their latest refreshing album!

Girl group Rocket Punch has just blown the heat with their third mini album Blue Punch. Besides, the girls’ beautiful vocals shined in the lovely set of songs, which filled the track list.

Blue Punch Comeback Countdown Timeline

Wollim Entertainment surprised with the girl group’s comeback by revealing a special image poster. Specifically, the picture included the album details and the return date, August 4.

Meanwhile, the countdown opened on July 25 with the release of the promotion schedule. The theme for the third mini album focused on the sea and summer, creating expectations for a lively set of songs.

Firstly, the group revealed a Blue Punch film, further emphasizing on the sea vibes.

Then the girls revealed the track list poster featuring a team of life under the sea. Even the song titles brought a refreshing feel to them.

Rocket Punch continued with a special Identity Film, in which colors take over the firstly monochrome image. The message during the clip also hinted at the group returning with a bright album.

Starting July 27 and all the way until July 31, the girl group shared the group and individual concept photos. In particular, the pictures were divided into two types- Blue Punch and Juicy.

In addition, the members delivered fresh vibes while portraying their gorgeous visuals. The Blue Punch version showed them rocking different shades and types of blue clothes, while the Juicy version showcased a more colorful vibe.

Together with the individual images, the group unveiled short solo films. The members looked like they were shooting a refreshing summer commercial, shining with their own unique charms during the concept clips.

Nearly at the end of the countdown, the group revealed another teaser in the form of a music video trailer. It gave an exciting atmosphere for “Juicy”, with the girls having fun, singing and dancing. The summer-time feel was evident, raising expectations from fans even more.

Lastly on August 2, Rocket Punch uploaded the Highlight Medley for Blue Punch. During the presentation of the songs, the girls were each seen writing and drawing on a special transparent board. Also, the video included clips from the concept photoshoot.

Blue Punch First Impressions

The mini album contains a total of six summer themed tracks to fight the heat with. Starting off with “Blue Punch”, the song serves as an intro, delivering a refreshing melody. It also acts as an opening to the rest of the music numbers on the album of the same name.

The title song “Juicy” delivers a refreshing summer vibe, which coolly blows the heat away. In addition, the track is a Hybrid Trap combining a strong trap beat, oriental sound and guitar. Moreover, the melody and lyrics of “Juicy” are quite addictive and playful.

“Summer Punch” is a house-based pop dance music number, featuring addictive bass and refreshing vocal lines. The song is about the group’s freshening vibe and throwing an ice-cold punch in the scorching heat.

Continuing with “One Summer Night”, the song is a gentle track with an acoustic medium pop sound. Additionally, the members’ sweet vocals add to the dreamy feeling.

Next up, “Twinkle Star” is an impressive future house-based dance track with an addictive hook. The lyrics compare the person of interest to a shining star. The members’ vocals also contribute to creating a deeper type of summer song.

Lastly, the album ends with “The The”, a fusion groove song with a retro funky base and rhythmical synth sound. The music number melts various elements like punk, EDM and hip hop, and presents yet another easily liked song.

“Juicy” MV Afterthoughts

Even the music video of “Juicy” showed the desire of escaping the hot weather. The set and clothes of the members had sweet candy-like colors, adding to the fun and cute vibes presented during the video.

Rocket Punch brought a clip full of energy and positivity. The girls looked like they were enjoying themselves the whole time, which made “Juicy” more fun to watch. Also, the bright and pretty image of the members further emphasized on their individual charms.

Source and image credit: Woollim Entertainment 

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